Spy Camera With Audio For Covert Business Recording

While there are many hidden spy cameras on the market, many of them are geared specifically towards home type environments with housings like alarm clocks or teddy bears. However, there are some instances where you need to have video and audio recording covertly at your office or business. The new breeds of hidden spy cameras like wall clock hidden cameras are a great choice for virtually any environment, because they can blend right into any décor.Feel free to visit audio recording device for additional information.

Wall clock hidden cameras have a pinhole spy camera built into the face of a standard looking wall clock, which will deliver recording of video and audio with a wide angle along with the built in hidden DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and battery. A small SD card slides into the DVR unit of this DVR, allowing you to record what happens inside your home or business and then playback video later right on your PC using the included SD card, or by plugging directly into a TV.

Spy Cameras like this wall clock hidden spy camera often also have a battery built-in which will allow the camera to record without requiring any cords whatsoever. Advanced models of these spy cameras even include motion detection recording to conserve battery life, allowing these cameras to even record up to 20 hours or more on a battery charge. These cameras also often have the capability to overwrite the oldest video once the recording card fills up. This allows for a rolling storage, so that you don’t have to worry about the recording stopping if the card fills up. Many of the wall clock cameras can also be plugged into the wall for power, so that they can continue operating without worrying about charging a battery.

Hidden spy cams can be used in any home or business environment, providing normal clock functionality, and at the same time delivering recording capabilities. This type of hidden nanny spy camera can often be used to watch employees, customers, children, babysitters, nanny, maids and more. Each of the spy camera style hidden cams have a built in pinhole camera and SD Card DVR recording device, so that the camera itself is completely self contained. These wall clock style cameras are lightweight enough to be hung on the wall like a standard clock, and can record for up to 20 hours on a battery charge, or run a cable through the wall up to the clock to plug it in for extended usage. Once plugged into the wall, the clock style camera will become a completely self contained business security camera system that will continue to record when motion is detected until you stop it.